Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clutchy, clutchy.

This is my first attempt at a clutch. I went into JoAnn fabrics last week and the linen was literally staring me down. Literally. It was right in front, first row, 60% off. What's a girl to do? Then I tried to buy one yard, and there was another 3/4 on the bolt that they gave me 75% off of the 60% off...anyway, how could I not? So now I have this gorgeous linen, and only a fat quarter of some ADORABLE bird fabric Liz bought me...no selvage, no idea who made it, only that it's Windham (I think). So I thought, "I guess I'll add some linen". I looked at a bunch of patterns online, made some pleats (now that I know how! :) and then didn't know what to do for the top...I found this pattern http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=240105.msg2642190#msg2642190 and used it for the shape idea for the top of the clutch...and then I made it a different size, different width and height, and used contrasting lining, added a zipper and wrist strap (my first zip, BTW, a little wonky but workable!)...and it's done!
I can't wait to make another!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Larissa! Looking at your blog makes me so jealous of your artsy talents!!!! I love it all. I love this clutch! I love your bedroom quilt! I love those handprint potholders! You are an amazing woman :)

  2. Well you go, girl! What a super bunch of crafts you've shared here. This bag is SUPER cute and your new bed quilt is AMAZING!!! So glad Brenda led me over here. :-) Keep it up!

  3. I love this clutch. So cute and practical.